QC Profile

Our mission is to be a leading global supplier of UHF RFID hardware solution by offering competitive prices and exceptional service. We have exported our products to many countries and regions, such as USA , Europe, Australia, Brazil, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, Southeast Asia.


Quality Policy


1. Quality is the life and the most effective salesman. Broadradio RFID is confident in the superior quality of products.


2. We ensure that all materials and accessories (electronic components, connectors, display, etc.) are from the leading brands in China domestic and abroad, to ensure high quality


3. We ensure that any new product is mass tested before it is finalized.


4. We ensure that all production and development equipment is regularly calibrated every year.


5. We ensure all products, accessories, packages pass 100% of the quality inspection before delivery, the product will not issue a problem


6. We ensure all products compliance with export standards (e.g. CE, FCC, RoHS) and quality certification.


7. Product warranty period of at least 12 months



Enterprise mission:


Innovative product design leads the industry to continuous improvement


Corporate vision:


Become the world's leading UHF RFID hardware solution supplier.


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